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Trend Micro blocks 5 mn cyber attacks on IP cameras

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro Inc. on Friday said it has blocked five million attempted cyber attacks against Internet Protocol (IP) cameras in just five months.

By analysing data from 7,000 anonymously aggregated IP cameras, Trend Micro found that the IP-based surveillance industry is fighting massive cyber attacks.

Three fourths of all blocked cyber attack incidents were brute force login attempts, the research found. 

Compromised passwords can immediately lead to a breach of content, and opens the door for further system exploitation.

Based on this aggregated security data, there is a clear pattern that malicious attackers are targeting IP surveillance devices with common malware, such as Mirai variants, as well as known system vulnerabilities.

"More verticals are seeking connected, AI-powered video surveillance applications causing a clear paradigm shift from a relatively closed-off network to a more interconnected network operated heavily by Cloud-based technologies," said Oscar Chang, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer for Trend Micro. 

"Due to this shift in the landscape, manufacturers and users must pay attention to the security of these IoT devices," Chang added.