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AppyStore best app for kids on Google Play

AppyStore, a leading subscription-based platform for children's curated content, has won the "Best for Kids App" award in 2017 on Google Play Store in India.

With standard delivery of content to kids in the form of videos, games and physical worksheets, the AppyStore Kids Learning Video app garnered more than 200,000 downloads and a 4.5-plus rating on Google Play Store. 

"The entire team is thrilled and would like to acknowledge the love and feedback from all the parents who have placed their trust in us. We are also launching learning games within the app this month which will help the kids learn at their own pace," Badri Sanjeevi, CEO, AppyStore, said in a statement.

AppyStore is a platform to engage children in intellectually stimulating activities that simultaneously educate and entertain children.

The content is specially designed so that a child can acquire skills as per his/her developmental milestones.